Our Town Nashville: Together Heroic
PHASE II - From the personal to the public
After three successful years traveling throughout the city, the public art project OUR TOWN NASHVILLE (OT) is now set to enter its second chapter. In Phase I, OT encouraged Nashvillians from all walks of life to help create a portrait of our city by stamping their own self-portrait on our mobile bike cart. We collected these images and transformed them into letterpress prints to share back with the next round of portrait-makers--a conversation in print. In Phase II, we will take what we’ve learned from these experiences, images and creative viewpoints and distill them into a unified visual conclusion that is a celebration of Nashville and the act of collaborative creation on a grand public scale!

Equipped with specially designed stamps 20 times larger than those used to make Phase I's self-portraits, the OT crew will transform the personal act of making art into a public performance of the creative process. The new portraits will be stamped on massive canvases, exploring and celebrating Nashville's creativity. Occurring at three locations in fall and winter of 2015, the Together Heroic events will be multi-day events meant to bring people together through art.

As they are completed the Heroic Portraits will move around the city on the Our Town Mobile Interactive space. The OTMIS is a retrofitted bread truck that will function as a gallery of the new Heroic Portraits and an interactive space for viewers to experience the lessons of Phase I. The public will be able to see parts of Phase I as well as participate in Phase II by using a special phone messaging system attached to the OTMIS. Participants will be able to answer questions about what it means to be a Nashvillian and also hear what others think on the same subject. We will also share these thoughts on our website, www.ourtownnashville.org.

We hope to honor all of the talented and generous people we have encountered these past few years. Through this project we want to remind people that together we can be heroic. Together we can make our city's future brighter.


Bryce McCloud
& The Our Town Crew